To purchase agreement online means to the distance contract, and that the legal transaction concerning goods movable and/or services concluded between a supplier, in this case, the Diamond Centre Ludovisi Srl with headquarters in Via Ludovisi 31, 00187 Rome, Italy (hereinafter "the supplier"), and other natural or legal person (hereinafter "customer") who acts in the framework of their professional activities, in the context of a sales system distance organized by the supplier who, for this contract, employs solely the distance communication technology called "Internet".

All contracts, therefore, will be concluded directly through access by the customer to the website corresponding to the URL address where, following the indicated procedures and the legal conditions that are described in the framework agreement for electronic commerce, which constitutes an integral part of this agreement, will conclude the contract for the purchase of goods and/or services.

The following are the conditions which govern the sale of products Diamond Centre Ludovisi Srl

Diamond Centre Ludovisi Srl reserves the right to vary the terms of the sale. Any new rules will be effective from the time they are published on the website diamondcentre.en and will refer to sales made from that moment forward. Invite the customer to read these conditions carefully.


1. Conditions of payment and delivery.

Diamond Centre Ludovisi Srl for its part undertakes to ensure that the products are travelling accompanied by all the documentation required for the fulfilment of customs procedures. The customer can choose between the conditions of delivery and payment available on the site. Are not permitted methods of payment or delivery other than those that the customer is indicated. The products are sold at prices indicated in the website, until these are not changed; prices are expressed in Euro, the payment will be made in the same currency.

If the sale is also addressed to non-EU countries, the amounts of duties and taxes will be the responsibility of the recipient. Diamond Centre Ludovisi Srl for its part undertakes to ensure that the products are travelling accompanied by all the documentation required for the fulfilment of customs procedures.


2. Acceptance of orders.

To be able to place an order you must be of legal age and be a registered user.

Orders received by Diamond Centre Ludovisi Srl will be considered binding only if the customer will receive a confirmation from the Diamond Centre Ludovisi Srl via e-mail, that the whole process has been duly completed: the payment has been authorised and the products are available. The customer is invited to print the email and store it. If the customer does not receive the confirmation e-mail within four (4) working days, is invited to contact the Diamond Centre Ludovisi Srl address

None of the information contained on can be considered as an offer but shall constitute an invitation to offer.

If an order exceeds the amount actually available available in the warehouse, the supplier by the system will make known to the customer that the order can be processed, but in lesser amounts. In no event shall the provider be able to execute a customer order in quantities in excess of those required.


3. The right of withdrawal.

If the customer should receive damaged goods, faulty or damaged during shipping, please report the incident immediately to the Diamond Centre Ludovisi Srl, within and no later than 14 days from the receipt of the goods. The products must, in this case, be returned to the Diamond Centre Ludovisi Srl intact and in their original packaging (not damaged, tampered with or written over) complete of all of its content with the attached bill of lading. The shipment of the goods is, in this case, the responsibility of the sender.

As soon as the Diamond Centre Ludovisi Srl will have received the products, will be verified and if everything complies with what is written above will provide immediately for the replacement (if available) or to reimbursement of sums paid for the same excluding shipping costs.

After a period of 14 days from the receipt of the goods, claims will not be accepted.


4. Privacy.

Diamond Centre Ludovisi Srl informs you that the Italian law 196/2003 provides that the processing of personal data is carried out respecting the rights, fundamental freedoms and dignity of natural persons, with particular reference to confidentiality and personal identity. Diamond Centre Ludovisi Srl will treat the customer data with lawfulness and fairness in the full protection of his rights and in particular of your privacy.

The customer undertakes to declare his true identity, in order to provide, in the case of a formal request of the Judicial Authorities, the appropriate information to be able to pursue crimes possibly perpetrated by the telematic tool.

Pursuant to article 10 of the mentioned law, the Diamond Centre Ludovisi Srl informs you that the processing of the data (which will take place by computer) has as its purpose to proceed with the execution of the contract. Where necessary for the execution of the contract, Diamond Centre Ludovisi Srl will send the customer data to the shipping company responsible and the other companies that will treat phases of the processes of sale and delivery of products. The conferment of data is required as necessary for the purpose of executing the contract.

With the following the contract, the client authorizes Diamond Centre Ludovisi Srl to send, at his e-mail box information about initiatives, events, promotional discounts and launching of new products; the staff will then be able to verify, without disrupting the regular use of the service, visits to the Web sites belonging to a predefined catalogue compiled and updated by Diamond Centre Ludovisi Srl only for the purpose to plan and customize the sending of the e-mail service in the interest of the customer.

In any case, the Diamond Centre Ludovisi Srl will not use personal information held for purposes other than those referred to above, nor shall communicate them to other companies outside the group.

In relation to the processing of the data, the customer may exercise at the relevant fora of the rights under art.13 of law 196/2003.

Diamond Centre Ludovisi Srl is the owner of the processing of customer data.


5. Terms of delivery and submission of invoice.

Diamond Centre Ludovisi Srl undertakes to deliver the product to the carrier as soon as possible. The ordered product will be delivered to the express courier insured. (NOTE: according to art.6 d.lgs.185/99 the execution of the order must take place within 30 days of the order).

At the time of shipping invoice is issued to the registry corresponding to the registered customer. In the invoice will be including the cost of the products and incidental expenses (travel costs, insurance, etc).

In no case will invoices issued after the shipment of the material, nor to third parties different from the holder of the customer account that placed the order.

Diamond Centre Ludovisi Srl will send the products within 48 hours of receipt of payment, but will not be responsible for any damage resulting from any delay incurred during transportation.


6. Warranty and assistance.

Diamond Centre Ludovisi Srl guarantees that the products correspond exactly to the features described in their own certificates of analysis gem. In the event that the customer encounter a fault in the products, please communicate this circumstance within 14 days from the delivery of the product, in writing, by registered letter with return receipt requested, or telefax, or telegram.

Diamond Centre Ludovisi Srl guarantees that the products comply with the Italian laws and the European Union (EU) applicable to them and to the resolution of the United Nations with regard to the Kimberly Process Certificate.

If you need assistance please contact Customer Service at the address:


7. Permissions.

By filling in the appropriate space on the website, the client authorizes Diamond Centre Ludovisi Srl to use their credit card in order to debit your bank account for the total amount shown as cost of purchase online. The whole procedure is done via secure connection to the Bank UBI, owner of the online payment service.


8. Responsibility.

Diamond Centre Ludovisi Srl does not assume any responsibility for disservices due to force majeure such as accidents, strikes and/or lockouts, natural disasters or other similar events that could prevent, in whole or in part, to give execution in the times agreed to the contract.

Diamond Centre Ludovisi Srl shall not be liable to customer, its successors or third parties regarding damages, losses and costs suffered following the failed execution of the contract for the cited causes over, having the above subjects is only entitled to a refund of the price paid.

Likewise, the Diamond Centre Ludovisi Srl is not responsible for the eventual fraudulent and illicit use which may be made, by third parties, of credit cards, cheques and other means of payment, upon payment of the products purchased. In the event of delay or failure to timely delivery of products to the agreed time for which Diamond Centre Ludovisi Srl is responsible, the customer may request compensation for the damages to him arising up to a maximum amount of 5% of the price of the products delivered late or not made.


9. Obligations of the purchaser.

Once concluded the purchase procedure online, the customer undertakes to print and keep the present general conditions, which, however, has already seen and accepted as an obligatory step in the registration process, and purchase, as well as the specifications of the product object of the purchase in order to fully satisfy the condition referred to in articles 3 and 4 of d.lgs. 185/99.


10. Applicable law and jurisdiction.

All contracts entered into with Diamond Centre Ludovisi Srl is intended as stipulated in Italy and are subject to Italian law; any dispute concerning the application, execution, interpretation and violation of purchase contracts stipulated online through the website is subject to Italian jurisdiction.

The customer declares to have read and expressly approve, pursuant to and for the purposes and effects of articles 1341 and following of the civil code, the content of the points 7-8-9-10 (applicable Law and jurisdiction), may continue in the transaction via the internet, by clicking I ACCEPT at the time of registration to diamondcentre.en.


11. Complaints

Shipping errors or shortages must be reported in writing. Despite the packaging intact, the goods must be verified within 14 calendar days of receipt. Any faults resulting from transport damage must be reported in writing by registered letter A. R. to the Diamond Centre Ludovisi Srl Via Ludovisi 31 - 00187 Roma, or via email at detailing the damage found, and putting "reserve the right to check the package is intact" or "subject to inspection "parcel damaged" on the shipping document of the courier. Each signaling beyond the above terms, will not be taken into consideration. Any defects or hidden defects, must be reported in writing using the form downloadable from the website in the section "RMA - Service and repair", and shipped with tracking code (Tracking):

Diamond Centre Ludovisi Srl
Via Ludovisi n°31
00187 Roma (RM)
or by sending an email to:

12. Return Merchandise

The return goods must be requested in writing using the form in the section "RMA - Service and repair"or Through the dedicated option in the orders section of your account. It must be indicated the reasons for return and the reference of the purchase of the same goods. The goods to be returned should be in perfect condition, complete with all accessories, in original packaging and shipped prepaid to the following address:

Diamond Centre Ludovisi Srl
Via Ludovisi n°31
00187 Roma (RM)
or by sending an email to:

13. Registration

Thanks to the registration you can avail the services of, the online purchase and home delivery of the product.

After providing the few required details, you will receive the confirmation email to enable the account.